A few quotes from people who we have served, served with us, or generously contributed to our efforts 


I donated to Samaritans Steps because I know that my gift will go a long way towards positively impacting the lives of young people who the organization is serving. Samaritans Steps is the best kind of organization to support - local, grassroots, honest and open with creative leaders who are not afraid to be vocal advocates for those whose voices have been marginalized. - Amy Greene


It means a lot to me to see the money I work hard to earn, work even harder with Samaritans Steps in assuring lives are protected and transformed. It feels so good to see that cause and effect, and that I had something to do with that even though I'm not in the midst of all the action. So grateful for you Kevin and for the mission Samaritans Steps pushes to fulfill. I appreciate you and everyone else that come together to make all of this happen. - Pele T.


Working with Samaritans Steps provides several meaningful and innovative projects in which an eclectic group of volunteers are able to work with the community as one team. Partnerships and mentorships are established among the board members, volunteers, and the executive director making the every event feel like a genuine collaboration. - Christine F.


I have great respect for Samaritan Steps and its founder, Kevin Lilly. Not only is there passion and dedication but also constant action to fulfill the mission of Samaritan Steps. When I donate I know and see where my donations are going to. In our present culture, Samaritan Steps meet the needs of those who are often under-serviced and forgotten. Thank you, Samaritan Steps for stepping in and filling the gap. - NiKiesha M. 


In a day & age where some agencies/organizations are not necessarily who they say they are, it's incredible to have something like Samaritan Steps Inc up & operating. The organization is creative, committed & transparent. On top of all that they actually want to meaningfully partner up with others to have a stronger impact (...that's pretty revolutionary, since they actually make it happen). Quite a few organizations could take some notes from Kevin & his team. Proud of the work they're doing & glad to be able to support it. - Darris J.



It was such a pleasure to photograph and be a part of Samaritans Steps’ events! This organization is so genuine and passionate in their efforts to support and provide for the people of their community. Kevin is a very hard working and hands on leader; and donations, whether of time or money, do not go to waste. We were honored to contribute to this nonprofit, and were truly inspired watching how this organization is working to change the lives of those who, unfortunately, are often times overlooked. Samaritan Steps is something special. - Jasmine B.