My time with My time at Samaritans Steps was engaging and rewarding. The chance to see a smaller non-profit in action highlighted the role grassroots work has and it was inspiring to see how so few people were able to make such a massive difference. As well as being an amazing opportunity it also opened my eyes to an issue so often brushed under the carpet and brought into sharp relief the work that still needs to be done. Seeing how vocal and effective young people can be was a real motivation to start making more of a difference in my community and as far afield as is possible.
— Sam
I like working for Samaritan’s Steps because it inspires and motivates me to help give back to the community anyway I can. We all could learn to be good Samaritan’s too by volunteering and offering our help with their efforts
— Mo


*Our intern program is currently evolving, but heres what it currently looks like for now*

 The Executive Intern would provide support for the Samaritans Steps board of directors and staff. This position reports to Kevin Lilly, who is the Founder & Executive Director. Kevin will be primarily responsible for answering your questions, providing you with training, instruction, and feedback, and making sure you have the opportunity to participate in those activities you believe instrumental to your growth and development.  You are, of course, also encouraged to seek out the assistance, guidance, and expertise of any of Samaritan Steps’ other staff and Board members, as the organization’s ultimate goal is to ensure that your internship experience proves as beneficial to you as possible.



  • Help with planning fundraising events/community events/initiatives;
  • Shadow the founder;
  • Attend board meetings as well as participate* (your voice matters just as much as anyone’s on the team);
  • Attend other related meetings (meetings with the attorney, MA Coalition for the homeless monthly meetings, etc);
  • Help promote the organization and generate a more significant following, including building a social media presence;
  • Assist with conceptual development of the website.




• Positive attitude and interest in assisting team members as well as potential clients.

• Ability to work both independently, as well as with other Samaritans Steps teams members/volunteers.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to multitask

• Professional demeanor and ability to manage confidential information

• Experience with Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel and Outlook)



• Work with the Founder as well as the rest of the team 

• Interact with Samaritans Steps Board Members 

• Gain knowledge of the organization 

• Learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of a nonprofit

• Participation in event planning and various efforts and initiatives

• Be able to apply some of what you learned in the classroom to real situations

• Make connections both inside & outside the organization